Jarsay stud is made up of excellent broodmares in order to produce horses perfectly matched to high level showjumping criteria.

The broodmares have gone through a very strict selection:


Our broodmares are born out of the best French stock and out of the top list stallions, or are either sisters or fillies of very good competitors.

Blood and strength is what we believe in. Part of our broodmares are tall, bony and full of energy, another part is full of blood with powerful articulations (hocks, back…..). All pass on their foals their quality and style.

Vet visit
All our broodmares are eligible to vet visit.

Show jumping disposition
All our broodmares have been tested in competition.
The one we decided to keep to the stud have either successfully competed or shown all the required qualities for a good show jumper : straightforwardness, strength, tonicity and agility.

Stallions have gone through a strict selectionso that their jumping qualities match our brood mares the better.
We often use foreign genetic to outcross our broodmares.